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ACPI is one kind of power source administrative regulations which by Intel, Microsoft and so on promotes jointly, it integrates the power source management the hardware, the operating system and in the application procedure, has realized by the operating system to power source's total management.

Has the ACPI function computer when does not use is at the power loss extremely low suspended state, modem and so on receives when the signal may automatic starting, and may realize the software close-down, adapted the network application request which day by day grows. power source efficiency the power source efficiency and the power source design line have the close relationship,Mini Wireless Keyboard the high efficiency's power source may enhance the electrical energy the use efficiency, to a certain extent may reduce power source's own power loss and the calorific capacity.

Before the breakdown voltage (Uaw, Ua) the puncture, can add continuously when the protector points to the fixed end the highest instantaneous voltage value. The overvoltage protection is penetrated in the following situation: a), if winds through resistor's electric current peak value to surpass 1mA; b), if the pressure has caused winds through protector's electric current peak value to surpass 1mA. CCEE authenticates the CCEE safe authentication symbol to call the Great Wall safely to symbolize,Patch Cord Manufacturer for electrician product special-purpose authentication symbol.

The Chinese Electrician Product Authentication Committee (CCEE) is the State Bureau of Technological Supervision authorization, participates in the international electrician committee electrician product safe authentication organization on behalf of China (IECEE) the only legitimate organization, (the Great Wall symbolizes authentication) on behalf of the National Organization to the electrician product implementation safe authentication.

port volume of goods handled the port volume of goods handled refers to the port package of repeater ability, usually uses pps: Bao Meimiao weighs,Cable Manufacturer it is router on some port package repeater ability. Usually uses two same speed interface testing. But the test connection is possible and the connection position and the relations are related. For example identical inserts the volume of goods handled which in the card between the port tests possible and inserts in the card between the port the turnover size to be different differently.

Breakdown time the main reflection protects part's characteristic. The protection rank is higher, the breakdown time is longer. The breakdown time may based on this change, relies on du/dt or the di/dt slope. the short circuit protects , when is protected the line tends the short circuit,electric welding machine manufacturer when produces is bigger than 5 time of nominal currents, the protector shuts off this line.

Starting time delay this is one new concept, the power source to provides the stable output at the beginning of the connection to require certain time inevitably the stable cycle, the voltage stability is very difficult in this cycle to guarantee, therefore the power source designer lets power source time delay 100ms-500ms, after and so on power sources stable, provides the high grade power source again to the computer. Double Buffering Double Buffering (dual buffer processing), the overwhelming majority may support OpenGl the 3D accelerator card to be able to supply two group of graph picture information.

These two group of graph picture information usually looks at “the onstage buffer” and “the backstage buffer”. The indicator uses “the onstage buffer”wedding dresses supplier depositing this standard picture which demonstrated that but simultaneously next standard picture already in “backstage buffer” standby.

Then the indicator two buffer exchanges, “the backstage buffer” the picture will demonstrate that and simultaneously again in “the onstage buffer” the picture good next standard standby, so will form one supplementary working to carry on unceasingly, will make the response by the very quick speed to the picture change.

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