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 Earring's matching and the facial features, the hairstyle, the stature, the clothing have the relations. For example, the moon-face girl should wear hangs the shape earring, the long shape necklace: But the face shape long female, should elect to wear assumes the circular earring;

The square features person is suitable wears the small and exquisite ear nail or the ear pendant demonstrates its disposition.cheap wedding dresses The stature exquisite female, is not suitable wears the great model the jewelry, chooses some exquisitely, the fine jewelry suitably;

Stature big person, is not suitable wears the small jewelry. Otherwise, appears too mean-spirited. Ear ornament's color or the quality of material should are coordinated with the skin color and the clothing color, the identical color department mixes may have the harmonious esthetic sense.

Contrast quite big color matching needs to appropriately, may cause the human to be innervational. A lignin necklace, should better acquire the same quality of material again the earring.

The skin color dark person is not suitable wears the too bright bright ear ornament, may choose the silver-white color, for example the pearl ear ornament conceals the skin color the gloom;

But skin white and tender woman suitable to wear red and the dark color is the ear ornament, serves as contrast the skin color the brilliance. The virtuous young woman dresses up the girl, the ear pendant should be small and be elegantly simple,cheap women's shoes like this gives the human by the chaste feeling. The professional woman goes to work may wear the succinct ear ornament matching coverall, both feminine US, and obviously solemn steady.

The exaggerating geometric figure, the rough lignin earring, gypsy's-like giant round earring has the fond of the countryside flavor very much, with the young clothes, the jacket matches, may cause the person rich bold modern feeling, the flavor.

When evening banquet is suitable wears the real thing ear ornament, both magnificent and expensive lofty, and feminine charm.cheap fashion jewelry The hair and ear pendant matching should follow long matches is long, matches short short, hair style ear ornament consistent principle. The long hair and long and narrow ear pendant matching may demonstrate virtuous young woman's elegant demeanor;

The short hair and exquisite ear nail matching may serve as contrast feminine astuteness; Classical chignon matching hangs falls the type ear ornament to cause the human graceful noble; A pile of chaotic chicken feather's hair style, should the thick crazy ear pendant which sends with the cutting edge consistent.

 When wears the jewellery ornaments, do not offend four “the indictment” to have in a big way: 1. jewelry overload: If you had already worn a very striking necklace, that earring simple, vice versa.

If you like in the skill wearing the overlapping the bracelet and the bangle, then above only wore one to be good.

2. matches the jewelry on the foot: The foot chain or the toe link is purely unnecessary regarding unusual or the conservative clothes.wholesale fashion jewellery 3. ring Dai Manshou: The big ring should wear alone.

You may wear several tiny rings, but must certainly limit them in the ring finger and the middle finger or on pinky's.

4. participates in the evening moves also wears ordinary day's ordinary jewelry: Especially darkness later evening meeting or the activity, do not wear the usual simple jewelry, with has the design feeling and the striking jewelry displaces.

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