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 The insulation grid bipolar transistor (Insulate-Gate Bipolar Transistor-IGBT) synthesized the electric power transistor (Giant Transistor-GTR) and the electric power field effect transistor (Power MOSFET) the merit, has the good characteristic, the application domain is very widespread; IGBT is also three end components: Electronics grid, collecting electrode and emitter electrode.

 Transistor's main parameter has the current gain factor, the dissipated power, the frequency characteristic, the collecting electrode maximum current, the most greatly reverse voltage, DVB-T TUNER the reverse electrical current and so on. Direct current magnification factor

  The direct current magnification factor also said that the quiescent current magnification factor or the cocurrent enlargement factor, is refers to when the static non-change signal input, collector electric current IC and the base current IB ratio, generally with hFE or Beta expressed. Alternating current magnification factor

  The alternating current magnification factor also said that the dynamic current magnification factor or the exchange enlargement factor, is refers to exchanges under the condition, the collector electric current change quantity △IC with the base current change quantity △IB ratio, generally or Beta expressed with hfe.   hFE or Beta both has the difference and to relate closely, two parameter values when low frequency is close, when high frequency has some differences.
Dissipated power  

 The dissipated power also said that collecting electrode biggest permission dissipated power PCM, refers to the transistor parameter variation does not surpass when the stipulation permissible value the most major market day electrode dissipation power.

  The dissipated power and transistor's highest permission junction temperature and the collecting electrode maximum current have the close relation.DVB-T MPEG 4 Transistor when use, its actual power loss does not allow to surpass the PCM value, will otherwise cause the transistor because to overload damages.  

 Usually is smaller than dissipated power PCM the 1W transistor is called the low-power transistor, PCM is equal to or is bigger than 1W, is smaller than the 5W transistor is been called the power transistor, is equal to or is bigger than 5W PCM the transistor to be called the high efficiency transistor. Eigen frequency fT   When transistor's operating frequency surpasses the cut-off frequency fβ or fα, its current gain factor Beta value will elevate along with the frequency drops. The eigen frequency is refers to Beta the value to reduce to 1:00 transistor's operating frequency.  

 Usually is smaller than eigen frequency fT or was equal to that 3MHZ the transistor is called the low-frequency tube, is bigger than fT or was equal to that 30MHZ the transistor is called the high frequency tube, is bigger than 3MHZ fT, is smaller than the 30MHZ transistor is called the medium frequency tube.
Highest oscilation frequency fM  

 The frequency which the highest oscilation frequency is refers to transistor's power gain to reduce to 1:00 corresponds.  

 Usually, the high frequency transistor's highest oscilation frequency is lower than the common base cut-off frequency fα, but eigen frequency fT is higher than the common base cut-off frequency fα, to be lower than the common-collector cut-off frequency fβ.DVB T RECEIVER Collecting electrode maximum current ICM

  The collecting electrode maximum current refers to the maximum current which the collector allows to pass. When transistor's collecting electrode electric current IC surpasses ICM, the transistor Beta parameters and so on value will have the obvious change, interferes with its normal work, will also damage.

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